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EU Referendum: Initial Market Response

28 June 2016

Political chaos but markets holding their ground considering the magnitude of recent events It’s been some 72 hours in the UK since the outcome on the EU Referendum that in truth it now seems the leading Leave campaigners didn’t predict followed by an unprecedented political fallout. News and information is moving so quickly but I […]

EU Referendum moves closer

14 June 2016

I’m sure everyone has read more than they ever wanted regarding the EU Referendum. That said it’s probably the most important political decision I will have made in my lifetime and one I’m sure everyone isn’t taking lightly. Three weeks ago the “Leave Campaign” were rank outsiders in a two horse race. All the pollsters […]

BHS and Tata throw spotlight on final salary pensions

03 June 2016

It’s sad for any advisor to come across any clients that have real concerns about their defined benefit pensions. This is what many financial advisors are experiencing on daily basis. These aren’t people with million-pound final salary schemes, but the ordinary working men and women that have spent 20 and 30 years working and paying […]

10 Tips to help you retire by age 60

27 May 2016

1 – Stay in control of your pensions Everyone moves jobs and often leaves their pension as the last thought when starting your new job. Make sure at every point, any old pensions are reviewed. Whilst consolidating your pensions isn’t always the right step, it often is and results in lower charges. 2 – Make […]

How do I avoid being scammed?

27 May 2016

Given the size of the pension market there has been increased activity by fraudsters and unauthorised individuals trying to get hold of your retirement money. If you can answer “Yes” to the following questions, you should do further background checks and question the legitimacy of the firm or individual you are talking with: Have you […]