How To Access Flexi Access Drawdown

You can approach a direct-to-consumer drawdown provider and transfer your existing pension to them. This can be done by yourself. Depending on the pension you hold there may be restrictions. If there are no restrictions, you may decide to transfer your pension on a non-advised basis. This means you have completed the transfer without advice. You would be responsible for selecting the right provider, the right funds, the correct beneficiary structure in the event of death and probably most importantly, making sure the pension fund is looked after to give it the best possible chance of lasting for the remainder of your life.

Any remaining pension can be passed to your spouse and then onto future generations potentially tax free in the event of your death.

Given the vast number of options in the market, complex pension legislation and the money involved for both pension holders and their families, people often seek advice. A financial advisor offering retirement planning advice can do it all for you.

A financial advisor will understand your current situation, future objectives and provide information, guidance and advice to shape the retirement you want to achieve.

Speak to us today and we will guide you step by step through the advice process to make sure the right decision is made for you and your family.