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Everything we offer through the www.pensionstoretirement.co.uk site is free. This includes all guidance, information and quoting systems. We will even try and help you put things in place for free.

We offer immediate retirement options with direct links to all the main annuity and flexi access drawdown providers. You are able to obtain live quotes from all retirement products with the facility to build your own simplified advice report and fully-supported online application.

Guaranteed Income for Life Options

We offer a fully supported live quoting system that is linked up to all the main UK annuity and enhanced annuity providers. This enables you to achieve the highest level of guaranteed income and access the tax free cash from your current pensions.

Fixed Term Annuity Options

We offer information and live quotes on a range of fixed term annuity options. This provides the facility to have a guaranteed income for a set period of time with a guaranteed maturity at the end of the set period.

The New Government Flexible Retirement Options (6th April 2015)

We offer a comparison of all the UK flexible retirement contracts which enables you to access the new pension flexibilities. This permits up to 25% tax free cash with the residual fund used to provide income.

Retirement Options Report

Once our online quotation is completed which usually takes around 10 minutes all the above options are provided within seconds. This is then provided instantly in a full retirement options report. You are able to save this report to your desktop or we will email it through to you.

All product providers are regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority and part of the FSCS Compensation Scheme.

Can I secure my retirement option today?

All the products and retirement solutions available can be applied for online at any point during this retirement journey. At any point, you can contact us by phone or email to help you through the process. We hope our information and guidance will enable you to obtain your retirement solution. We truly believe “independent advice” delivers the best outcome and we have an experienced team of pension specialists and a network of advisors across the UK that can should your existing pension arrangements or personal circumstances require advice.

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